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Petrčane, a 900 years old fisherman's village and a modern tourist destination

Petrčane is a village whose existence dates back to the 12th century, when it was founded by two brothers, Petar (Peter), and Cane. The name Petrčane is simply a combination of the names of its two founders, Petr + Cane.
Throughout the history the inhabitants of Petrčane were surviving mostly by fishing and growing grapevines and olives, until tourism started to grow rapidly back in the 1970-ties. Two big peninsulas and tourist areas, one called Pinija, and other Punta Skala, enclose Petrčane bay, Pinija in the east, and Punta Skala in the west.
In both of the big tourist areas, large hotels were founded back in the 70ties, which throughout the years became famous tourist destinations for mostly German, Italian, and British high-class tourists.
Also, a large number of tourist villas, or weekend houses were built there.
Not only that the big hotels brought tourism in Petrčane, but local people also opened the doors of their houses to numerous domestic and foreign tourists. It all started very modestly, but now that tourism has been present for nearly 50 years in the village, houses are bigger and nicer, and the standard has grown a lot. Old houses have been renovated, new ones built, many restaurants and cafes opened.
Tourism is a number one activity in the village at the moment, and it is still growing from year to year.

In Petrcane, guests can choose accommodation from numerous private apartments, rooms and bungalows to luxury hotels. Villa Katarina, with its apartments, rooms and a bungalow located in heart of Petrcane bay, with only 10km distance from the nearest town of Zadar, positions itself very highly among private accommodation in Petrcane and the whole Zadar area. The reviews of our guests and the numerous guests that come back to us every year are the best proof of this fact.